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Peter Hellyer and Simon Aspinall (eds.), The Emirates - A Natural History. 2005. ISBN 1-905486-02-2 - Hardback. U.K. Price: £65. To order this book click here

Mark Beech and Peter Hellyer (eds.). 2005. Abu Dhabi 8 Million Years Ago - Late Miocene Fossils from the Western Region. Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (ADIAS)/ Dar Al Fajr Printing Press, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
ISBN 9948-03-188-1.

68 pages; 73 figures, maps, plans, drawings, photographs. Available in English. Price: 20 DH (equivalent to $ 5 USD), available from ADIAS.

Peter Hellyer & Michele Ziolkowski (eds.). 2005.
Emirates Heritage Vol. 1 - Proceedings of the 1st Annual Symposium on Recent Palaeontological and Archaeological Discoveries in the Emirates, Al Ain.

Zayed Centre for Heritage and History, Al Ain.
139 pages. ISBN 9948-06-130-6.

Last updated: 10th October 2006
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The work of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (ADIAS) undertakes data collection and preliminary recording of archaeological and palaeontological sites and publication of earlier and continuing work, both in Abu Dhabi, and, through associates, elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates. This work is undertaken both as part of a continuing research programme and as contracted work for consultancy companies and others prior to the carrying out of development project.

27-29 July 2006
Results of a third season of fieldwork in the deserts of south-eastern Abu Dhabi, undertaken by an ADIAS team in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities and Tourism in Al Ain, part of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, were presented in a paper delivered at the annual Seminar for Arabian Studies in London. "Tombs, Burnt Mounds and Flints in the Desert: Recent Work in the Umm az-Zamul Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE." Richard Cuttler (University of Birmingham, U.K), Heiko Kallweit (ADIAS & Freiburg, Germany), Mark Beech (ADACH, U.A.E), Anja Zander (ASA Laboratory for Archaeometry, Germany), Will Pitt (University of Birmingham, U.K.) & Walid Yasin Al-Tikriti (ADACH, U.A.E.). An abstract of the paper is available here: http://www.arabianseminar.org.uk/abstracts2006.html

1st June 2006

Dr Mark Beech, former ADIAS Senior Resident Archaeologist, joined the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) as Head of Division - Cultural Landscapes.

29-31 May 2006

Dr Mark Beech participated in the Symposium on the "Status and Conservation of Dugongs of the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean", organised by the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, and sponsored by Total. He presented a paper entitled: "An archaeological perspective on the exploitation of dugongs in the Arabian Gulf".

Added new stories to the press page:

Experts to discuss 'save dugong' plan
(Source: Khaleej Times)

Strategies to save dugong population (
Source: Gulf News)

21 May 2006
TDIC backs Saadiyat Island archaeological studies (Source: AME Info)

TDIC backs Saadiyat Island archaeological studies (Source: Strategiy.com)

15 May 2006
ADCHA reviews priority plan (
Source: WAM - Emirates News Agency)

Emirates' experience used to manage Sudan heritage sites (Source: Khaleej Times) [ download also a jpeg version of the article by clicking here ]

13 May 2006
ADACH unveils plan for collection of cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi (Source: Dubai Cityguide.com)

10 May 2006
Seminar participants thank HM (
Source: Times of Oman)

10 May 2006
Seminar ends with focus on Oman’s rich history (Source: Oman Observer)

9 May 2006
Sayyid Haitham hosts dinner for participants of seminar on Arab peninsula
(Source: Times of Oman)

Seminar reflects Oman keenness to preserve its cultural resources (Source: Khaleej Times)

8 May 2006
Qatabi opens symposium on Arab peninsula
(Source: Times of Oman)

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[ to download this article in Acrobat .pdf format click here (6.87 MB) ] .

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